Other Services

  • Wholesale accounts.
  • Drop testing fire doors.
  • Floor loop activation for high cycle/high speed doors
  • Bringing obsolete doors up to current safety codes.
  • Opening preparation for new door installation.
  • Control wiring for activation and safety features.
  • Upgrading existing doors to – high cycle.
  • Custom repairs in house for coiling doors spring barrel assemblies.
  • Dock door canopies.
  • Increasing openings for a larger door size.
  • Custom fabrication and welding of specialty items for door installations.
  • Custom fabrication of sliding doors.
  • Stainless steel countertops for concession stands.
  • Custom build side closures around coiling grilles (parking garages)
  • Interior guard rail system for forklift/person safety.
  • Aluminum wrapping of jambwork for home garage doors.

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