Commercial Coiling Doors

When you need commercial coiling doors, you can count on Ben Druck Door to provide your solution. Our company offers the highest quality products from top-rated manufacturers. We work efficiently to install your investment as quickly as possible. 

What Are Coiling Garage Doors?

Coiling doors are a popular choice for commercial door needs. By rolling up into a compact space, coiling doors take up less space than traditional sectional doors and can be used in both interior and exterior spaces. Also known as rolling doors, coiling doors are rugged, durable, and a good fit for most service door applications.

The Right Choice for Most Applications

Coiling doors are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and custom finishes & textures to match your facility’s needs and desired aesthetic. Coiling doors are also available for high cycle/high speed and fire door applications.

Benefits of Overhead Coiling Doors

Investing in overhead doors offers many advantages, including:

Versatile Models

Our coiling doors are available in various sizes and styles with custom finishes and textures to match your facility’s needs and desired aesthetic. You can choose enhancements with high-cycle and high-speed or fire-rated door designs.

Enhanced Security

Use coiling doors to help protect your employees from harm and deter theft. Our high-security designs feature interlocking steel slats, which are hard to infiltrate.

Optional Insulation

Our commercial doors are available with insulative properties. You can improve your climate control and reduce your energy expenses over time. 

Quiet Operation

Increase your focus and productivity with noise reduction. Our rolling doors help block sounds from workplace machinery, construction and traffic.

Compact Installation

Our overhead tracks provide more usable room in your facility. Allocate more space for storage and machinery as needed.

Safety Features

Our rolling doors don’t have anything hanging overhead that can fall down when broken or damaged. You can have peace of mind that you’re better protecting your employees and business assets.

Durable Designs

You can enjoy saving money, time and effort with low-maintenance designs. Our coiling doors can withstand more impacts without requiring service. 

Your Roll Up Garage Door Supplier

Ben Druck Door is a go-to choice for commercial and residential doors throughout southcentral Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. Our family-owned and operated company has served customers since 1967.

We’re proud to offer premium products from the world’s most reputable manufacturers. When you work with us, you can enjoy a seamless experience from the quoting and planning to installation and project management. 

Our team goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Check out our client testimonials to see what locals say about our quality products and services! 

Why Partner with Ben Druck Door?

Ben Druck Door provides clients with the following:

  • Decades of experience: Our company has worked in the commercial and residential door industry for over 55 years.
  • Industry expertise: We have experience serving a wide array of businesses, including manufacturing, warehousing, government, education, agriculture and sports industries.
  • Turnkey solutions: Our trained technicians have the skills to install, inspect and service your doors as needed.
  • Upfront prices: We give you honest and fair pricing without any hidden fees. 

Contact Our Team to Learn More

Ready to get rolling service doors? Experts at Ben Druck Door are ready to help to get exactly what you need! During a free consultation, we can recommend designs aligned with your goals.

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