Fire-Rated Garage Doors

Fire-rated garage doors are a critical component of any new construction or retrofit project. Designed to drop during a fire or alarm, a fire door can save lives and limit damage during a fire. 

Let Ben Druck Door help you select, install and inspect a commercial fire service door for your project. We offer the turnkey solutions you need to maintain compliance and have peace of mind.

Our Garage Fire Door Services

Ben Druck Door is your go-to source for the following:

Fire Door Placement and Installation

Our team can provide recommendations on which fire door will meet your needs, as well as additional features —  like auto reset and auto opening doors —  to make your team’s life easier.  

We can even offer recommendations on placement, so the fire doors are hidden or out of the way, reduce obstructions and increase aesthetic appeal in your facility.

Fire Door Inspections

Did you know that all fire doors need to be inspected every year? Ben Druck Door Company offers fire door inspections, so you stay in compliance with these laws and are confident your fire doors will perform as expected when the time comes. 

Our skilled and trained technicians have the expertise to identify any potential issues with your doors. We offer services and repairs to keep your investments in top shape. 

Benefits of Commercial Fire Doors

Fire doors can offer benefits like these:

Better Protection

You can protect your employees, property and assets with fire-rated doors. Our doors slow the spread of smoke and fire, which gives people more time to evacuate and allows emergency responders to arrive and put out fires before extensive damage can occur.

Enhanced Security

Our fire-rated doors feature robust, durable materials to prevent corrosion and wear and tear from outdoor elements. Minimize risks such as break-ins or theft on your property. 

Minimized Damage

Use fire-rated doors to help limit the spread of toxic gases. Our doors help minimize the expenses and downtime involved in fire-related recovery. 

Fire Code Compliance

Our fire doors for garages are designed to meet federal, state and municipality fire codes. You can avoid compliance-related penalties and fines, enjoy a chance to reduce your insurance premiums and save money in the long run. 

Automatic Reset Options

You can save time and labor costs with auto reset, auto opening fire doors. Our fire doors eliminate the need to manually open and reset each door after a fire drill.

Service Door Compatibility

Our fire doors are compatible with service doors. You can have a reliable service door while meeting fire codes and regulations. 

Improved Energy Efficiency

You can use fire-safe garage doors to improve your building’s energy efficiency. Our fire doors contain insulative materials, which help maintain consistent temperatures all year round. 

Fire Door Suppliers

To provide you with the best quality and service, we have developed partnerships with some of the finest manufacturers in the industry.

Trusted Experts in Fire-Rated Garage Doors

Ben Druck Door is a leading choice for commercial fire doors throughout southcentral Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. We partner with top-rated manufacturers worldwide to give you the highest quality products at competitive rates. Enjoy an easy, seamless experience when you work with us — we provide quotes, planning, project management, installation and maintenance services, backed by years of experience in the garage door industry.

Why Partner With Ben Druck Door?

Ben Druck Door is proud to provide clients with the following:

  • Dedicated professionals: Our commitment to quality has earned us many glowing reviews from happy clients. 
  • Decades of experience: We have worked in the commercial and residential door business since 1967.
  • Industry expertise: Our professionals can recommend industry-specific solutions suiting your needs.
  • Upfront prices: We give you transparent prices with all the taxes and warranty prices factored in.

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Want fire-rated garage entry doors tailored to meet your needs? Or need inspections, repairs and services? Professionals at Ben Druck Door are ready to provide your solutions.

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