Commercial Grilles

Countertop & Security Grilles

Countertop and full-length coiling grilles are a popular option for many commercial applications, whether you are trying to keep intruders out, protect inventory or even keep insects away. Let experts at Ben Druck Door help you customize the right doors for your business.

You can choose the style, pattern, finish and color of the security grille to match your intended style. We offer products from top-rated manufacturers with all the services you need to maintain your investments over time. 

Benefits of Security Grilles

Security grilles help with:


You can improve air quality and keep your space smelling fresh. Our grilles offer a way to ventilate your environment without compromising security.

Insect Prevention

Our grilles are designed to keep unwanted visitors away. Use the designs to keep bugs and insects out, especially at outdoor concession stands.

Improved Security

Protect your valuable merchandise with security grilles. Our doors serve as a physical barrier to deter theft and vandalism at your business.

Enhanced Privacy

Our grilles can control access to specific areas where you store sensitive information or valuable items. Use added motion sensors and alarms to notify authorities if suspicious activities occur. 

Saving Opportunities

Use coiling security grilles to protect your products and equipment, preventing the need to replace anything damaged or stolen. Our doors may offer a way to receive discounts on your insurance premiums so you can save money in the long run. 

Customized Appearances

Our security grilles come in a range of styles. Choose designs and finishes aligned with your preferences to increase your curb appeal and attract more customers.

Commercial Grille Suppliers

To provide you with the best quality and service, we have developed partnerships with some of the finest manufacturers in the industry.

Your Reliable Security Grill Door Supplier

With experience since 1967, we’re the team you can count on to provide your roll up counter doors and garage doors. Our professionals serve many businesses, including warehousing, government, education and sports facility industries. They’ll handle your door quotes, providing upfront estimates without hidden fees so you know what to expect. From there, we’ll also take care of project planning, management, installation and maintenance. 

We have the expertise to answer your questions and recommend designs that work with your goals. Once it’s time for installation, we’ll provide quality products at fair rates, thanks to our partnerships with reputable manufacturers like CornellCookson and Raynor Garage Doors.

With a commitment to quality, we’ve earned many glowing reviews from happy clients. Check out our five-star reviews to see what locals are saying!

Get an Upfront Estimate

Whether you want to install new rolling counter doors at your facility or you need security grilles for your business, Ben Druck Door is here for you. We also offer repair and maintenance services to keep your new grilles working properly. To get started or request service, give us a call or contact our team online! We look forward to providing your turnkey solutions.

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