High Cycle Doors

Designed to Withstand Significant Traffic

In high traffic locations, you need a door that won’t fail from the increased wear and tear placed on it from hundreds of openings and closings. For these applications, we recommend a high cycle door, a coiling door that’s designed to withstand hundreds of cycles every hour. Plus, they can be combined with high-speed doors, which are perfect for parking garages and cold storage facilities.

Benefits of High Cycle Doors

High Performance

High cycle doors are designed to withstand the demands of hundreds of openings every hour.

High Speed

Limit the amount of time the door is open with a high-speed option.


These doors are tested and rated at one million lifetime openings, far surpassing the durability of standard coiling or overhead doors.

High Cycling Suppliers

To provide you with the best quality and service, we have developed partnerships with some of the finest manufacturers in the industry.

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