We are experienced at managing projects for a variety of industries. See how we help companies like yours find the right service door and equipment to meet your needs.

Industries We Serve


Warehouses and fulfillment facilities require long-lasting, high-performance doors and dock equipment. We help warehouses plan, install, and maintain all their doors and equipment to reduce downtime and increase safety.


Government-run and military facilities often need additional and unique specifications and requirements for their projects. We frequently work with government project managers to find and install the right door for the project needs.


Local schools, colleges, and universities have plenty of overhead doors and grilles to maintain on their campus. We can source, install, and service fire doors, grilles, and other service doors for educational clients within our service area.

Parking Garages

Whether you run a municipal, commercial, or private parking garage, you need to know that your doors and access points will run without fail. We can help you find the right high-cycle door to keep the traffic flowing without interruption.


Make sure your dump trucks, plows, and other maintenance vehicles can get in and out of your facility. We work with local, county, and state maintenance facilities to install and service their overhead doors.

Emergency Services

For fire departments, ambulance companies, and other emergency service providers, speed is essential. Don’t be delayed by a door that won’t perform as expected. We can help you find an overhead door that will run flawlessly every time.

Sports Facilities

Arenas, stadiums, and other sports facilities need doors, gates, and grilles that will stand the test of time and last for years to come. Whether you need coiling doors for concession stands, security gates to keep people out of the stadium, or overhead doors for maintenance and facility needs, we can help.


Barns and agriculture buildings require doors that are functional, perform well, and give access to a variety of equipment. We supply ag buildings with the right doors for their needs.

New Construction

When designing and planning a new construction project, there are thousands of details small and large to plan for. We support architects and design/build contractors in specifying the right doors, as well as overseeing the installation on the job site.

Renovation & Retrofitting

Repurposing an existing building is a great way to save a historic building. Yet it can be challenging to bring a building up to modern fire code standards while maintaining the charm of the building. We work with architects to find creative solutions to retrofit a building with modern security fire doors.

Manufacturing & Industry

From small shops to heavy industry & manufacturing, you need doors that can withstand the dirt, debris, and impact of heavy equipment. Our team can recommend doors and equipment that can handle your needs with minimal maintenance and downtime.

Pole Buildings

Pole building construction is a popular trend in our area, especially for workshops, storing farm & other equipment, and other commercial uses. Add the right commercial service door to your new pole building by working with Ben Druck Door Company.

Car Washes

Car washes rely on high-speed, high-cycle doors that can withstand plenty of wear and abuse. We work with car washes to find the right door system that will run reliably and safely for thousands of cycles a day.

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