Fire Door Inspection & Testing

Did you know that your fire doors are required to be inspected and drop annually? Make sure your fire doors are in compliance with NFPA 80, your insurance company, and the manufacturer’s guidelines by scheduling a fire door drop test today.

Why is a Fire Door Drop Test Important?

A fire door is out of the way, unused, and often forgotten – at least until it is needed. When that time comes, will the fire door perform as expected? An annual fire door inspection and drop test gives you the confidence that your facility’s fire doors will drop when expected, saving your people, possessions, and facility from further damage or harm.

What is Covered in a Fire Door Drop Test?

During a fire door inspection and drop test, we will test all aspects of the fire door’s system: fusable links, electronic release devices, and connection to your central alarm system. We will close the door to ensure it fully closes and will reset it to ready position. If there is any damage, we will replace it to ensure it operates properly. After an inspection, we will issue drop test certificate for each door for your records, as well as a pass/fail label that is applied directly to the door.

Fire Door Drop Tests in Southcentral PA & Northern MD

Ben Druck Door Company is one of the few companies in southcentral PA & northern MD certified to conduct fire door inspections and drop tests. We have 8 team members who have gone through the rigorous IDA certification process to be able to conduct these inspections. We are able to perform drop tests in numerous types of facilities, including government, military, educational, warehousing, manufacturing/industry, and any commercial building that has fire doors.

Schedule Your Fire Door Drop Test

Request a fire door inspection and drop test from Ben Druck Door Company. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough inspection, make any necessary repairs, and reset the doors so they are ready to be used.

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