Specialty Doors & Gates

Custom Solutions for Your Project

No two projects are ever the same – different space, needs, and requirements. At Ben Druck Door Company, we specialize in providing a custom solution for any commercial door need. This includes finding specialty doors & gates, modifying products through custom fabrication, or even modifying the opening. Let us help you find the perfect solution to your commercial door needs.

Aesthetic Security Grilles

The SteelWeaveTM mesh security grille by Cornell is becoming a popular choice for retail and restaurant installations. Designed for security and beauty, the chainmail fabric steel can fit into a smaller, less obstructive space. In addition, you can choose the pattern – or even add your logo or a graphic to the mesh – to create a stunning visual addition to your facility.

Blast Resistant Doors

When you require blast resistant service doors, Ben Druck Door is here to help. Whether you have a military or industrial facility, we can help you find the right blast or pressure resistant door for your application and needs.

Four-Fold Doors

Popular among fire stations and auto dealerships, the Four-Fold door relies on a unique design & opener to offer high-cycle, high-speed performance. These doors can also provide better performance under severe conditions and need less maintenance than traditional sectional doors.

Vertical Bifold Doors

Vertical bifold doors are commonly used for aircraft hangers & agriculture buildings and are becoming more popular with restaurants and cafes to provide outdoor seating in warmer months.

Specialty Door & Grille Suppliers

To provide you with the best quality and service, we have developed partnerships with some of the finest manufacturers in the industry.

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